Top 10 Best Pedialyte Flavor Review in 2021

Best Pedialyte Flavor

LAST UPDATED: December 26th, 2020

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Pedialyte is quite popular for its energizing components and great flavors. Besides, being a great electrolyte drink that gives you a boost of liveliness, this drink is also great for cutting hangovers.

Chug a glass of Pedialyte before and after consuming alcohol and prevent those nasty hangovers.

You can also use Pedialyte as a great source of hydration and minerals when you’re suffering from terrible diarrhea or food poisoning. The drink helps replace the large amounts of water that your body loses at a time like this.

So today, we will help you find the Pedialyte flavor to help quench your thirst.

This multipurpose drink is loved by all as there is no age limit for consuming. We’re sure you’d like to have some stored in your pantry as well.

10 Best Pedialyte Flavor Review

There are over a hundred delicious flavors of Pedialyte to choose from. To help you choose the right Pedialyte flavor amongst these, we have narrowed down the top 10 flavors to try.

Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Powder, with 33% More Electrolytes and PreActiv Prebiotics, Berry Frost

This version comes in a refreshing and sweet berry flavor. The tartness and the sweetness of the drink will leave you craving more and more. Available in powder packets, you can buy these in bulk to store in your pantry. They won’t expire too soon.

With the fun berry frost flavor, you also get 33% more electrolytes in this one. So not only does the drink taste divine but will keep you more hydrated and energized.

If your kid has come back from a long tiring day playing in the field, this drink will help boost him/her up and give them the stamina to go on with the rest of their day without much fatigue.

With the extra electrolyte, you also get prebiotics. These help support and improve digestive health. So you can consume this drink if you have an upset stomach.

These powder packs come in a convenient size of 0.6 oz. Carry these small packs on a road trip or to a game and just add water to make your refreshing drink.


  • Refreshing berry flavor great for a sunny day
  • Added prebiotics
  • 33% more electrolytes
  • Keeps you hydrated
  • Smalls packs of 0.6 oz easy to carry around
  • Can be bought in bulk and stored in the pantry


  • Lots of added sugar

Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder, Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade has to be every kid’s favorite flavor of the drink. You’ll rarely find a child who is not excited for a cooling gulp of this liquid. Even adults cannot resist taking a sip of this drink.

This great tasking liquid is the best way to get more electrolytes into your child’s system. The drink is known to give almost instant hydration. Your child will feel vitalized in no time.

Designed with a perfect balance of sugar and electrolyte, this version of Pedialyte can provide medical-grade hydration. So not only is this drink great for your child after a long sunny day, but the product is good for you as well.

One packet of Strawberry lemonade Pedialyte can make 16 fluid ounces of drink. So carry a packet in our handbag to cure dehydration, traveling exhaustion, heat exhaustion and diarrhea or food poisoning.


  • A common flavor that every child loves
  • Good balance of sugar, sodium, and electrolytes
  • Great for heat exhaustion
  • Great value; one packet makes 16 fluid ounces of Pedialyte
  • Travel-friendly


  • Not good for keto, paleo or any low-carb diet

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Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution, Hydration Drink, Unflavored

While a sweet and fresh flavored drink might be great to enjoy on a hot summer day, sometimes that level of sweetness becomes a bit too much to handle.

Some adults and kids cannot withstand the strong flavors that Pedialyte is well known for. This unflavored option is the best source of electrolyte for them.

With no artificial flavors added, this Pedialyte tastes just like water. The added electrolyte does add a mild flavor, but that is nothing compared to the typical Pedialyte drinks.

This drink quickly replaces all the lost hydration, zinc, and fluids in your body, giving you an instant boost of energy and stamina.

Doctors and pediatricians have recommended this drink for ages to cure mild to moderate dehydration. This pre-made bottle of Pedialyte does not even have to be mixed with water. Keep the bottle chilled in the refrigerator and pop one out whenever you need some extra vitalization.


  • No need to add water; pre-made
  • The bottle is easy to carry around
  • No artificial flavoring added
  • Great to have on the go
  • Recommended by doctors and pediatricians


  • Many kids don’t like this flavor
  • Might taste like medicine

Pedialyte Advanced Care Plus Electrolyte Drink, 1 Liter, 4 Count, with 33% More electrolytes & Has Preactiv Prebiotics, Berry Frost

The berry frost version of Pedialyte is a well-known flavor and is popular amongst both adults and kids. This version tastes fresh and is great at thirst-quenching. That is why most players prefer this flavor over all the others.

With extra proactive probiotics, you can count on this drink to take care of your stomach. If you’re losing a lot of fluid due to food poisoning or diarrhea, this is the drink to have. You will feel instantly revived and a sudden reduction of exhaustion.

A one-liter bottle like this one is great to have chilled in your refrigerator. With 33% extra electrolyte, this drink is a must-have in all sports events. Especially because this version has 60 mEq sodium electrolytes per liter, whereas the typical Pedialyte has 45 mEq.


  • 33% extra electrolyte
  • 60 mEq of electrolyte per liter
  • Convenient 1-liter bottle
  • Classic berry frost flavor
  • Good for warm days
  • Medical-grade hydration
  • Added predictive probiotics
  • Good for stomach issues


  • Contains a high level of Sucralose

Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus Electrolyte Drink, 1 Liter, 4 Count, with 33% More electrolytes & Has Preactiv Prebiotics, Kiwi Berry Mist

If you’re a fan of tart drinks like lime sodas or green apple juice, you will love this one. Drinks that are too sweet can be too much to handle when the weather is too hot. This kiwi berry flavor is the perfect balance between sweetness and sourness. The tartness of the kiwi cuts through the extremely sweet berry flavor.

So this drink is the perfect companion on a summer day as the flavor is not too overpowering. A normal bottle of Pedialyte contains 45 mEq of electrolyte in the mixture, but this one has 60 mEq of electrolytes.

With 33% more electrolytes, you will stay fresh, energized, and hydrated for a longer time.

This electrolyte solution also includes predictive probiotics that are great for people suffering from diarrhea. All the ingredients in this drink act together to give you high-level hydration as quickly as possible.


  • Pre-made; does not need to be mixed with water
  • Large one-liter bottle
  • 60 mEq and 33% more electrolyte
  • Gives you quick hydration
  • Not an overpowering flavor


  • Contains a high level of sodium which might make the drink a bit too salty

Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder, Orange, Electrolyte Hydration Drink, 0.6 oz Powder Packs

Orange is the kind of flavor that you really can’t go wrong with. Both kids and adults love orange juice, orange lollies, and fresh oranges as well. So if you’re sure about which flavor to try first, go with this one.

This is a powder type that you can buy in bulk and store for later use. The expiry date on these is quite long, so you don’t have to worry about the packs getting old and moldy in your cupboard.

To use, pour one packet of Pedialyte into 16 fluid ounces of chilled water. Stir to combine, and you have your drink ready to consume. The great thing about this is that you can make a huge bottle of this Pedialyte and then carry it to your game.


  • Tastes great; common flavor loved by all
  • More effective than most energy drinks
  • Cures heat exhaustion
  • One small packet makes 16 fluid ounces of drink
  • Buy in bulk and store in the pantry
  • Recommended by pharmacists and pediatricians


  • High calorie
  • Might be too sour for some customers

Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder, Electrolyte Drink, Variety Pack, Powder Sticks

Can’t decide on which flavor to pick? You’re not the only one struggling with that decision. Choosing just one flavor from the many ones available can be quite tough. That is why this pack that comes with 4 flavors is the best option if you love Pedialyte.

This is also a great way to taste a few of the flavors from the brand so that you get to know which one is your favorite. Four of the most classic flavors are included in this packet: cherry, orange, grape, and strawberry lemonade.

Available in small stick packets, you can conveniently throw one in your purse and just mix with water whenever you need a burst of energy.

Pedialyte is a great way to revitalize your body with electrolytes and give yourself that extra boost of stamina.


  • Great way to get to taste all the classic flavors
  • Gives your body extra energy and stamina
  • Great for pre/post-workout
  • Electrolytes keep your body hydrated
  • Made with a good balance of sugar and electrolyte
  • Contains sodium


  • Contains Sucralose
  • Contains Xylitol

Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder, Grape, Electrolyte Hydration Drink, 0.6 Ounce Powder Packs, 3.6 Ounce (Pack of 3)

If you love fruity flavors, this one is a must-have for you. Not only do kids love this, but so do adults. The high-level sodium in this thing gives you stamina, keeps you hydrated, and also adds a little bit of saltiness to balance the sweetness of the grapes.

Electrolyte and sodium work together to keep you going nonstop. You’ll notice an instant boost in stamina and also feel less fatigued.

This is best for kids who have to spend long hours in the field for sports practice. With just one dip of Pedialyte, you can say goodbye to heat exhaustion.

Pedialyte is also known for rejuvenation of your body when you’re going through the extreme loss of hydration like sweating, diarrhea, or vomiting.
Even adults love this for curing hangovers. Thanks to the grape flavor, this hangover cure actually tastes like wine!


  • Great source of hydration
  • Good for post vomit, exercise, and sweating
  • A good cure for hangovers
  • Both adults and kids love the taste
  • Sodium gives you stamina
  • Convenient powder pack that is easy to carry
  • Less than 2% artificial flavor


  • Not the cheapest
  • The flavor is not commonly found

Pedialyte AdvancedCare Electrolyte Solution, 1 Liter, 8 Count, with PreActiv Prebiotics, Hydration Drink, Cherry Punch

This Tootie-fruity flavor will surely win over your child’s heart. With a flavor so yummy and delicious, you might have a hard time keeping your kid away from this one. The grownups in the house have also been known to enjoy this flavor thoroughly.

Mix it with juice, water, or any kind of liquid to give you a drink that will sweep you off of your feet.

Besides being a mouth-watering drink, this is also a great source of electrolytes and sodium. Sugar and electrolyte have been mixed in proper proportions to make his drink one of the best options to help cure heat exhaustion.

Added proactive Probiotics help keep your stomach working and tackle any digestive issues that you are dealing with. The one-liter bottle comes in a size of 33.8 fluid ounces, a great sized bottle that can be refrigerated to drink later on.


  • Large one-liter bottle
  • Added proactive probiotics
  • Helps tackle digestive issues
  • A sweet candy-like flavor that kids love
  • Great for preventing handovers


  • Unpleasant aftertaste

Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution, Hydration Drink, 1 Liter, 8 Count, Bubble Gum

If there’s anything kids love more than a fruity flavored product, it is bubblegum. This happens to be one of the most loved and popular flavors amongst kids. There’s rarely a kid that will ever say no to bubblegum flavored Pedialyte.

That is what makes this the best way for kids to replace electrolytes. A gulp of Pedialyte before going out in the sun will protect your child from dehydration. Many doctors and pharmacists recommend this drink as a great source of energy.

Thanks to the correct balance of sugar, electrolyte, and sodium, your child can now have more stamina and endurance.

There is no mixing involved with this version of Pedialyte. Just chill the drink in the fridge for a while, and you’re ready to go. This pour and drink version is handy to have at games and sports events.


  • Sweet taste
  • No mixing involved
  • Good from traveling
  • Has a good balance of electrolyte, sodium, and sugar
  • Increases stamina


  • The sweetness might be overpowering

What to Look for before Buying

Pedialyte is available in many different flavors and varieties. Keeping an eye out for some of these special features will make your experience better with the drink. So, let’s get to know these features so that you can choose the Pedialyte flavor.

Pre Made vs. Powder

Pre Made vs. Powder

Pedialyte is commonly seen in a powder format in tin containers. You mix this powder with water to make the drink. You can also get Pedialyte that is pre-made in a bottle. If you’re in a hurry or on the road, this bottle can be of great use.

But having a pack of powder Pedialyte will allow you to make the drink whenever you want at home. The powder will also last a long time compared to the bottled one.

So although the bottled Pedialyte has been a game-changing renovation, having a powder can of Pedialyte is a must for any household.


Pedialyte is available in many different flavors. While we encourage trying out new flavors, we suggest you stick with flavors that are common to you and flavors that you like when purchasing Pedialyte in bulk. This way, you won’t waste a whole container of the product because you don’t like the flavor.

If you prefer no flavorings at all, Pedialyte is also available in a “no-flavor” version. That being said, many different flavors are available in smaller packs that we highly recommend. Instead of buying the same flavor over and over again, branch out to new tastes. We’re sure both you and your kid will love these fun fruity flavors.

Electrolyte Percentage

Pedialyte does have a decent level of electrolyte in it to keep you hydrated and feeling energized. But in times of need, try and purchase Pedialytes that have a higher or extra percentage of electrolytes. This will give you a boost of energy and help you recover from diarrhea faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get the best flavor of Pedialyte, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

Does unflavored Pedialyte taste like water?

Yes, this version is a great option for people who want the electrolytes but not the extreme fruity flavoring. The drink tastes like water with a subtle and mild flavor.

Can I drink an entire bottle of Pedialyte?

Adults can consume Pedialyte in that quantity, but children should consume the drink in smaller portions. A medium-sized glass of electrolyte is enough for a child’s consumption.

What can you mix with unflavored Pedialyte?

Coconut water, orange juice, soda, and pickle juice are some of the most common drinks that people like to mix Pedialyte with. You can mix the powder with any drink you like with no harm.

Can you drink Pedialyte daily?

No, both adults and children should refrain from drinking Pedialyte daily. You should only consume it when it is necessary.

Does Pedialyte contain sugar?

Flavored Pedialytes contain a good amount of sugar. It is the sugar that reacts with the electrolyte to give you energy.

Final Words

Pedialyte is a great drink that has many uses. Having a container of the drink will bring you many benefits. Be it food poisoning, dehydration, or a hangover, this drink can help you in all situations. Get yourself the Pedialyte flavor to enjoy the drink even more.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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