5 Best Cylinder Bore Gauge Review in 2021

Best Cylinder Bore Gauge

LAST UPDATED: December 26th, 2020

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The term “bore” refers to the hollow part inside a barrel or other tube.
In repairing, rebuilding, or assembling any engine or machinery, it is important to know the exact dimensions of each cylinder.

To make that happen, you need the best cylinder bore gauge.
These gauges are types of measuring devices that are dedicated for holes.

For years, they have been a staple tool in any engine or machinery repairing shops.

Using such a tool will help you to measure the dimensions of each cylinder and will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to install the pistons with the correct size.

That said, in this article, we will help you purchase the perfect piece from the 5 models in the market reviewed with our buying guide.

Best Cylinder Bore Gauge Comparison

Top 5 Cylinder Bore Gauge Review

If you search the market, you will find hundreds of models that might just confuse you. We did the picking for you and reviewed the best models you can get your hands on.

Fowler Full Warranty 52-646-300-0, 6″ Cylinder Dial Bore Gage

The first product on our list is from Fowler. We loved that it came with a nice and sturdy case. The gage, all the anvils, and other accessories are easy to grab.

We also liked how everything fits together nicely, and this is crucial since, for cylinder bore gauges, you need to assemble different parts to make it work.

Although, it is apparent that the handle is not as smooth and polished as what the user would like it to be.

More on its specifications, it can measure diameters from 2 up to 6 inches. It comes with 11 anvils.

This is nice since you can use them for a various hole or bore sizes. We also liked that the anvils are carbide tipped. It ensures that these anvils will work for years.

For accuracy, this model will not let you down. The dial features a graduation of .0005 inch, and the gauge is self-centering, allowing you to get the exact measurements you need.


  • Comes with 11 anvils
  • Very accurate
  • Self-centering
  • Offers a capacity of 2”- 6”
  • Nice sturdy case


  • Not as smooth as users would like

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Akozon 50-160MM Cylinder Dial Bore Measuring Tool Kit

Akozon is a brand the offers various measuring tools, and this kit is for those who wish to measure internal dimensions of workpieces by the comparative method.

The dial bore gauge kit comes in a red plastic case. It comes with 5 anvils, a dial bore gauge, and an extension rod.

You will notice that the anvils and the spacer are contained in another small box, so it might not be very easy to grab when you need to change anvils.

For its capacity, this product can measure from 50 to 160mm or about 2 to 6 inches.

You will be impressed with the accuracy that it offers, which is 0.01 mm. With it, you can compare even the slightest differences on the body of your holes or bores.

Furthermore, the cylinder bore gauge is equipped with a good guiding protective bridge.

This makes the product self-centering – making it more reliable and accurate. Plus, the gauge is made from metal to ensure durability.


  • Offers great accuracy
  • Self-centering
  • Made from metal
  • Nice capacity
  • Great price


  • Equipped with only 5 anvils

iGaging Dial Bore Gauge 1.4″-6″/0.0005″ Deep Out of Round Cylinder Measurement

For over 15 years, iGaging has been dedicated to bringing the best quality measuring tools at the most affordable price, and this cylinder gauge tool is no different.

The product will easily stand out from the crowd because of the looks of its dial.

Instead of choosing the usual white background dial, the brand has opted for a black background with matching white dial hands or dial markers.

Since black provides the highest contrast level against light-colored hands, a lot of people will feel that they are easier to read. Also, the dial contains jeweled bearings.

Moreover, the cylinder bore gauge offers a capacity of 1.4 inches to 6 inches. Plus, it can measure bores up to 10 inches deep. This truly is a versatile product.

Precision is one of the things the brand takes pride in. With the graduation of 0.0005 inches, you can easily and accurately inspect your cylinder’s diameter.

You will also like the case that it comes with. It is made from ABS plastic and will surely protect your kit for a long time.


  • Great price
  • Very accurate
  • The case is extremely durable
  • Offers a capacity of 1.4”- 6”


  • Some users find that the dial is poorly fitted

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PMD Products Engine Cylinder Bore Dial Indicator Gauge Kit Metric 50mm – 160mm

Are you in search of an affordable, durable and precise cylinder bore gauge kit? If so, you should check this model out.

The PMD gauge kit offers a capacity to measure the hole and bore diameters from 50mm to 160mm.

That’s about 2 to 6 inches. Plus, it also measures holes up to 150mm or about 6 inches in depth.

To help you measure different hole diameters, it comes with a lot of anvils to choose from.

Plus, the package also includes necessary spacers and an interchangeable extension.

What you will also like is that the anvils’ tips are built with carbide, so it’s designed to last for years and years of use.

The radiused hardened tips will also improve accuracy. Speaking of accuracy, the dial has a graduation of 0.01mm.

All in all, this product is a good buy. It also comes protected by a plastic case, and each accessory is easy to see and grab.


  • Affordable price
  • Very accurate
  • Offers a lot of anvil lengths
  • Comes with a capacity of 50mm – 160mm


  • Plastic case might not be durable

DBM IMPORTS 6-10″ Cylinder Dial Indicator

Do you find the capacities of the prior models too little for what you wish to measure? Well, no need to worry.

This cylinder bore gauge from DBM Imports offers a capacity of 6 to 10 inches! Plus, it can also measure bore depth up to 16 inches.

You do not have to sacrifice accuracy for a longer capacity. This model’s dial features a graduation of 0.005 inches. With it, you can measure even the slightest changes in your cylinder’s diameter.

Furthermore, this product features a stainless-steel ball contact point. Durability wise, this product will not let you down.

The kit also includes 5 spacers and 6 anvils, one of them comes pre-installed in the gauge probe. On top of that, you also get a 2-inch extension rod.

All these accessories are protected by a plastic case. Be careful in handling the kit because it is quite heavy, being 6 pounds.


  • Comes with 6 anvils and 5 spacers
  • Offers a capacity of 6-10 inches
  • Durable
  • Accurate


  • Quite heavy
  • Case can be improved

What to Look for in a Cylinder Bore Gauge?

What to Look for in a Cylinder Bore Gauge

There are plenty of these available in the market, and it is hard to choose only one.

Truly, it was a hard task to group the good models from the not so good ones. This is why we listed the best models in our review section.

There are a few points that you should consider when choosing a cylinder bore gauge. We briefly talked about those below;

Do You Really Need It?

Ask yourself why you need a cylinder bore gauge. Do you work in an environment where you need to measure cylinders often? Will it improve the overall result of what you are working on? If so, it is only right that you are investing in one.

Brand Value

There is no doubt that a product’s brand provides peace of mind to the consumer.

Opting for a cylinder gauge that is created by a good brand will give you more confidence that the product is true to its promise.


Where do you plan to use your cylinder bore gauge? Are they for car engine cylinders or other machinery? Make sure that the model has the capacity to measure it.


As with any other measuring tools, accuracy is important. Especially in cylinders, the measurements should be very accurate if your cylinder walls have been tapered or out of shape due to wear and tear.

Materials Used and Construction

Materials Used and Construction

The materials used and how the cylinder bore gauge is constructed will determine how long it will last.

Be sure to check what components were used to build the measuring tool.

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to use a measuring tool that is complicated to operate. Cylinder bore gauges essentially work the same, but there are certain factors that make them easier to use.


The dial should be easily readable, and you should not have a hard time calibrating it.


Choose a model with a few anvils. Also, check if their anvils are easy to attach in the gauge’s body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common queries asked online:

What is a cylinder bore gauge, and what does it do?

A cylinder bore gauge is a tool used to measure the inside of a bore or hole.
Once you insert the bore gauge into the bore or hole that you wish to measure, the anvils (small detachable parts) expand to accurately measure the diameter.

What tools can I use to calibrate my cylinder bore gauge?

There are a few tools that you can use to calibrate your cylinder gauge, namely, a caliper, a micrometer, a setting ring, and a slip gauge.

How do I calibrate my cylinder bore gauge?

When you have chosen your calibration device, set it to your desired length.
Then, insert the gauge parallelly between the device. Rotate the outer bezel on the dial and set it to zero.

Are cylinder bore gauges important in automotive?

Yes, they are important. Without the proper assessment of the cylinders, you may not have adequate clearance for the pistons, and it may cause the cylinders to wear easily.

Worse, this may cause accidents to the automotive and the one using it.

Are there digital bore gauge available in the market?

Yes, there are models of bore gauges that feature a digital indicator.

Final Words

There you have it, the 5 best cylinder bore gauges in the market. For sure, they will make your work a lot easier to do.

We hope this article helped you a lot with your shopping. Good luck!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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