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Concentricity Gauge Reviews

LAST UPDATED: July 5th, 2021

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We all know that guns are not intended for fun or entertainment. It’s not advisable to play with it, especially if you do not have enough knowledge in handloading.

To help, an ideal and a best concentricity gauge for reloading would be so useful.

But some have this kind of hobby which involves a gun or has the license to possess it.

Those were experts or professionals who were given the right to handle such an important thing.

If you are one of those with a passion for handloading, you must know how to use and reload it accurately with the help of a concentricity gauge.

5 Best Concentricity Gauge Review

Best Concentricity Gauge

The reason why a gun needs to be loaded is to lessen all the variables that may affect its accuracy and can be measured with appropriate and thorough handloading.

To understand more about the features of Concentricity Gauge, check on these 5 products we have prepared for you.

1 050076 Lock-N-Load Ammo Concentricity Tool Gauge by Hornady

Get yourself this Hornady 050076 Lock-N-Load Ammo, as this would surely be an excellent addition to your reloading bench.

This tool can recognize and reduce run out of bullets, and you can just simply put the bullets in the tool, have it rolled, detect run out of bullets and make use of the dial indicator thumbscrew to regulate.

It offers an improved precision for hand loaders, and it can be very useful to make factory bullets work too.

This tool comes in accurate alignment, mostly of bottleneck cartridges from 22 cal to 45 cal.

You don’t have to worry about how to use it, because it is so easy to use. After all, it comes with adjustable knobs.

It only takes a little pressure to change the projectile, making it very convenient for your part.

The screw for making that shift comes with a blob of nylon on the end that is believed to be a big help.

Moreover, it is made of strong frames that can be built and bolted to your bench for easier access.

Just handle it carefully so that the alignments would remain intact regardless of how many times it was being used.


  • You can shoot straight
  • The best for serious re-loader
  • Reloads were better and more accurate
  • Automatically reduce run out
  • Lesser pressure is needed to convert projectile


  • Screw may run out
  • Does not supply enough force to tip a bullet

2 095150 Lock-N-Load Precision Reloaders Accessory Kit by Hornady

This amazing concentricity gauge from Hornady is truly a money and time-saving kit that helps those precision reloaders to see if there is a bullet run out.

The accuracyand the consistency of this tool is always on point, making it a sought after product for years. This kit is designed to assist you in producing the most exact reload whenever possible.

When it comes to changing its calibers, you can simply do it by twisting its die into a counter-clockwise direction, or if you opt to just remove the die and put in the next. It also comes into a positive locking action as it holds the dies into proper alignment.

This kit includes gauges and tools that would let the user fine-tune the process of reloading it. The set-up is great because you can also use some documentation as this is a pretty straight-forward system.

It ensures that the cartridges are of proper length, and the concentricity is properly aligned.

You can now shoot quarter size holes at 150 yards and more. It is surely fine-tuned ammo to the riffle you have because it is not only useful but also made in high-quality materials.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Trimmer is fast to use
  • Improves your accuracy
  • Made with an excellent locking action
  • Fine process of reloading


  • The nylon tip may separate in less than 40 rounds
  • Screw run-out is possible

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3 041224 Lock-N-Load Neck Turn Tool Color Red by Hornady

Another tool is hitting the market, and that is the 041224 Lock-N-Load Neck Turn Tool from Hornady.

Designed to use for an extensive variety of case lengths, itis a tool that offers big help for precision hand loaders who opted to increase their case care efficiency. When we say a neck turn tool, it means that it saves them time and effort of hand loaders while they are at the workbench.

This is a kind of concentricity gauge that offers theuse of a drill to make the neck turning quickly and easily while giving greater consistency and even surface finish.

It comes with an adjustment knob that allows the users to choose and adjust increments, or even no dents for endless adjustment.

One hole can accommodate up to ten bullets, and it works well as it is very easy to understand. It comes with the most popular collets, but of course, you have to buy the specific ones separately.

This tool is fun to use, especially when combined with a power screwdriver. The adjustments would be very accurate, and you can compare the outcome.


  • Improves your leaps and bounds
  • Easy to set-up
  • Works great for reloading accuracy
  • Proven to last for years


  • The soft steel in spindle in the cast iron may lose tolerance
  • Aluminium part that holds the cutter shakes no matter how tight

4 041223 Neck Wall Thickness Gauge by Hornady

You’ll never regret getting this Hornady 041223 Neck Wall Thickness Gauge as it offers you the next level in precision reloading.

The concentricity tool may not be included, but it still functions as it is effective. This one may not be a high-end brand, but it works as if you have the finest and the most expensive one and as what was being advertised.

This tool also helps you recognize or even identify a neck thickness variation to have accurate reloading. You don’t have to worry about setting up because the instructions were clear and understandable.

It comes with a perfectly concentric head and concentric neck, making it look like it’s the top-of-the-line tool.

Moreover, it has better graduation compared to other tools. Just handle it with care and follow what was written in the manual to perform it correctly.


  • It is so easy to use, that even beginners could easily perform its procedure
  • Can be a great upgrade to the Concentricity tool
  • Very precise and accurate gauge
  • Setting up is easy and instructions are clear


  • Doesn’t work great if you are not using brand new brass
  • Head brass is sensitive

5 Reloading Case Neck Concentricity Gauge by Redding

The Reloading Case Neck Concentricity Gauge by the Redding is probably one of the greatest essential tools you can ever have.

This tool provides a fast and laidback way to categorize cases through neck wall thickness and consistency.

It permits you to measure the thickness of the neck wall of the cartridge accurately, and also identify its evenness.

The gauge comes in two mandrel extents that are brought to let the measurement of all from .17 cal. to .338 cal that also includes instances with tiny flash holes. The tool’s mounting base offers you with ease when you reload it.

When it comes to the consistency of its case neck wall thickness, there is a sign of the quality to the cartridge itself.There is no possibility that it will be corrected, but chances of concentricity and bullet run-out problems may occur.

Just remember that in all handloading practices, uniformity is important for accuracy.


  • Fast and reliable
  • Allows you to know the thickness of the neck wall accurately
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Gives you an ease when reloading


  • Running out of screw may arise

Features to Look for Before Buying

When we buy products, it is important to know first the features of an ideal one. This is to avoid wasting money on things that are not worth buying.

Check on these guidelines on what to look for when you plan to buy the best concentricity gauge.

Ease of Use

An ideal concentricity gauge should be stress-free and easy to handle. Whatever reason it is, we should always see to it that the kind of tool we are buying can be done by anybody and can be performed easily.

We don’t want any confusion to come our way because most of us were busy doing our thing.

Consistency of the Tool

Of course, the consistency of the tool is always a factor in choosing a concentricity gauge. Always make sure that the consistency is always on the point that will help you produce an accurate reload whenever it is needed.

Checking the consistency will tell you if something is not right or if something is malfunctioning, thus making you prepared for possible fixing.


Since you are dealing with ammo and bullets, it is important to obtain products that are high in quality in all cases because it may be dangerous.

We should always get what we paid for. Malfunctioning of the tool lessens the shooting accuracy, that’s why always check on the durability to avoid undesirable incidents to arise.

The Tool Should Be in a Complete Set

A good set of tools is highly recommended when you buy concentricity gauge. It should have a lapping block, surface stone marble, and even glass.

Having these would let you have a high-quality tool with many uses.This is to avoid buying those important parts. The reason is that there may be instances that separate parts may not be compatible with your tool.

Built-in Indicators

Indicators are important for concentricity gauge because it can simultaneously measure run out at the bearing surface.

Nowadays, we should opt for things that could make us comfortable rather than spending time on things that can be done easily if we wanted to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consumers and those who are planning to buy Concentricity Gauge always have their questions that need to be attended. Here are the frequently asked questions, along with a helpful answer.

Why should I buy Concentricity Gauge?

You may think that Concentricity Gauge may not be that useful, but when you happen to use it, you realize its importance.

It helps you to have a quality reloading equipment, and it will help you measure the accuracy of a proper handloading.

Why should I buy Concentricity Gauge

Does it come with a dial indicator?

Yes, most newly released concentricity gauge comes with a dial indicator to easily detect run out.

Can I still buy replacement parts?

Yes, there are a lot of manufacturing companies that sell replacement parts. Just make sure to buy parts that would be suitable for your concentricity gauge tool, for the sizes of the tools may be different at times.

Does the tool come with any pilots?

Some tools already have a set of pilots, and there are also some that don’t have. If you do have pilots, the set normally comes in 10 pieces.

In case your tool doesn’t come with pilots, you need to buy it separately.

Is the tool durable?

Yes, if it is being used accordingly. The Concentricity Gauge can be sensitive, especially when the nylon parts are being touched. Always make sure to read the manual and use it appropriately.

Final Words

With the five products mentioned above, you now have the idea of what kind of concentricity gauge to purchase. Always make sure that you choose a total package and of high-quality.

We are dealing with guns and bullets, and it is a serious matter. Just see to it that what you are buying is convenient to use and effective to avoid any confusion.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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