Best Compound Bows For Target Shooting

Best Compound Bows For Target Shooting

LAST UPDATED: September 29th, 2021

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The compound bow has risen in popularity in the last few decades and they work pretty well for hunting and target shooting. Now, there is a great variety of compound bows available for different types of users. 

Buying a good quality is more of an investment and could cost you at least a couple of hundred bucks. So, you want to make sure that you are making the right choice as it is supposed to last several years. Before going through different bows or before finalizing one, it is necessary that you know what and where to look for in the bow. Price is an obvious one, but that is not all and certainly not the most important. In this guide, we talk about and list the major factors you need to keep in mind so that you can find the best compound bow for target shooting.

Compound bows are a new rage thanks to their levering system, bending limbs, and overall upgraded engineering. So, below we have listed some of the best compound bows that you can try.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

Archery can be painful for the arms. But most people seem to forget that your wrists are also involved in the whole aiming and shooting process.
As you hold the bow in one hand, most of the weight depends on that hand, and you need to maintain a steady arm to get a precise shot. But that is not always possible with many bows.

However, The Cruzer G2 by Bear Archery should give you no issues in that field because of its unique features and design.

Key Features

Draw Weight

This compound bow has impressive high and low points in the weight range. The lowest limit a user can draw is 5 lbs., which means this unit is kid-friendly and versatile.

Draw Length

The bow also needs to have a lower drawing length capability to be compatible with the 5 lbs. weight mark. Luckily, the product does not fail us, and you can extend it as low as 12 inches. The range, in general, is 12 to 30 inches.


This tool would not be a modern bow if it did not ease the application force for the user. Hence, you get 70% let-off when you use this tool to shoot.

Reduction of Hand Torque

The advanced grip pad allows the user to hold the bow with ease and reduces the need for frequent hand rotation.

MV1 Cam

This product has superior MV1 cams on both ends that hold the rise, limbs, and strings in place and keeps them flexible.

Rock Stop Suppressor

To stop the arrow from facing extreme vibration, the manufacturers included unique suppressors to damp this nuisance.


You can get about 315 fps speed to cover 30 to 40 feet from a 350 to 435-grain arrow. Hence target shooting becomes easy.

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Compound Bow Topoint Archery Package M1

The bows might have gotten fancier and more powerful over the years, but that also requires using better arrows. Thus, the user also needs to up their game. The skills needed for a recurve or traditional bow are different than a compound one.

Although the basic skills remain the same, you will have to get adjusted to a compound bow before you can hit the shot. However, the road to success does not have to be difficult, and the Archery Package M1 by Topoint stands by that sentiment.

Thus, you will get several accessories when you purchase this package that will improve and help you tweak your skills.

Key Features

Bow Stabiliser

There are two spring dampeners on each cam and a bow stabilizer, which helps prevent the bow from shaking when the arrow grazes the sling. Hence, the arrow does not have a scope to deter from the path after the initial let-off.

Peep Sight

This product is like a modern mechanized bow packed with all sorts of rifle-features such as a peep sight. You can look through the peep sight to ensure that the line of sight aligns with the target.

Durable Body

The Topoint bow has an aluminum body that makes the product lightweight but durable. The BYC-X bowstring is also quite strong and resistant to high tension.

Brace Height

A 7-inch distance between the bowstring and grip makes it easier to adjust the draw length.

Draw Weight

You can feel a draw weight of 19 to 70 lbs. with this product.

Draw Length

The user can stretch the bowstring up to 30 inches to get an accurate shot and will feel about 70% of the let-off.


This package includes several items such as rubber stabilizers, arrow quivers, string wax, arrows of superior quality, etc.

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As mentioned before, compound bows are very different from traditional bows, but also useful in several ways. But you cannot jump to using the most complex compound bow for getting those benefits.

You need to first get accustomed to the basics of a compound bow, and we have just the beginner-friendly product for you.
The PSE RTS by MINIBURNER has all the looks and feel of a compound bow, but its performance and skill requirement is simplified. Even kids can use this product for target-shooting.

Key Features

Complete Package

Since this product is a beginner-friendly item, the manufacturers made the right call by including all essentials such as 3-pin sights, stabilizers, arrows, etc. So, you will not have to look for these accessories separately.

Arrow Rest

The bow has slots beside the main arrow rest, where you can place two more ammo. So, reloading the bow becomes more comfortable as you do not have to reach for your bag frequently.

Light Weight

This product weighs only about 2.7 lbs. so that beginners can build arm strength instead of getting drained.

Both Hand Orientation

You can purchase the product in both orientations; thus, it is not limited to right-handed users only.

Draw Weight

You can shoot the arrow within a range of 29 lbs. to 40 lbs. Consequently, it will let beginners test and practice shooting within different weight ranges.

Draw Length

The length up to which you can stretch the blow string is 26 inches and starts from 16 inches.


The bolt has two cams that connect the limbs and other parts. But you can tighten or loosen the limbs on demand if you feel like the string has too much tension. You can turn the bolt up to 10 times, however, any more than that might strain the product.

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Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow Package Ready to Fish (RTF)

If you thought arrows were meant to soar through the air only, then you were wrong. With unique inventions and crazy designs, you can even fish with a bow.
So, if you never thought of using fishing and bow in the same sentence, Cajun is here to prove you wrong.

With this innovative product, you can fish in ponds and lakes. The mechanism is like spear throwing, but you are doing it with a bow.

Key Features

Fiberglass Arrows

If the arrows need to pierce through the fish flesh, it has to be strong. So, the bow is compatible with fiberglass arrows even though they are slightly heavier than traditional ones.

Cam Grooves

This model features deep cams with secure grooves so that the bow does not bend or break while struggling with the fish on the hook.

Constant Draw

It will need one smooth gliding motion to draw the arrow on the string; thus, the user will face minimum restriction on the arm.

Draw Weight

Since this bow does more than shooting the target down, it has more weight. As a result, the draw weight is 50 lbs.

Draw Length

You can have enough arm movement while aiming at the fish thanks to the 17 to 31-inch draw length range.


If you wanted to use this product, but the draw weight is intimidating, then do not worry. It offers a 60% let-off on the actual draw weight, which significantly reduces the arm tension.

Finger Pads

Cajun has a special blister buster pad on the bow that provides a strong and comfortable grip.

Brace Height

The high rise and 7.25-inch distance between the string and bow makes it easier to aim downwards while still keeping the line of sight intact.

Siege SAS 55 lb 29” Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target

There is something so elegant about bows. They remind you of the kings’ and age the gallant wars once raged . But a compound bow does not have that look even though it performs much better than a traditional bow.

However, a man can always desire, and brands like Siege can always turn that desire into reality. The SAS model by this brand is the epitome of bow-elegance, yet it performs just like a compound bow.

Like any standard compound bow, this model also has fantastic qualities.

Key Features

Sleek Look

The model has a silver chromatic exterior, which gives it a clean and classic look, while the cam and limbs add a futuristic appeal as well.

Strong Limb

It has pivoting limb pockets that keep the connection secure and hold the comparatively heavy limbs in place. The durable and sturdy limb causes the bow to be 4 lbs.

Draw Weight

Since the bow is on the heavier side, its lowest draw weight starts from 40 lbs., and you can go up to 55 lbs. So, it is more suitable for professionals and adults.

Draw Length

You can draw the bow sling or string up to 29 inches. The robust limbs will restrict further stretching.


A 70% let-off makes it easy for the user to stretch the string even though the bow is comparatively more substantial, and the draw weight starts from 40 lbs.

Axle to Axle

This model has a significant distance between each axle. The 41.5 inches between each end makes up for the rigid limbs and enables the user to be flexible with the product.


You can gain up to 206 fps with a carbon or aluminum arrow when you use this bow.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70 lbs. 30” Compound Bow

Some compound bows inherently have design issues, which makes it challenging to use the product. The problem might not be too obvious, but you will realize that your hands or wrists are starting to ache, or getting a clear shot is being difficult.

One such design issue that you might easily overlook is the axle to axle distance and riser. A quality bow will have an axle to axle length proportionate to all the other parts, and the Cajun Bowfishing product is one such item.

You will undoubtedly be pleased about this purchase because of its other unique design and features.

Key Features

Draw Weight

Like any standard compound bow, this one also has a variable weight range of 55 to 70 lbs. As the starting weight is quite high, the professionals will enjoy the product more.

Draw Length

You can stretch the string anywhere between 26 inches to 30 inches, but the length will depend on the distance between the target and your bow,


Even though the draw weight is quite high on this product, it still offers a 70% let-off, meaning 70% of the draw weight will not affect or strain the arm of the user. Thus, they can go about their day for a longer time.

Aesthetically Unique

The body of this item has a unique camouflage print that sets it apart and keeps it hidden from plain sight.

Axle to Axle

You will have a 30-inch distance between each axle, which gives enough room to compress the limbs with ease.


The maximum speed you can get from a carbon or aluminum arrow is 270 fps.

ABS Limbs

The limbs of this tool comprise of high-quality ABS material, which makes the structure extremely flexible. Hence, you can even compress the bow to pack energy.


You can tighten or loosen the limb bolt to increase or decrease the draw weight by five units.

What to look for when buying a compound bow for target shooting?

Let’s take a look at a couple of things that you need to look for keep in mind while you are out to buy a fine compound bow.

Axle to axle length

Axle to Axle length of A2A is one significant thing that you need to check in a bow. Generally, the greater the length, the better the accuracy and stability. However, the frame of the hunter itself matters in choosing the right A2A length as it is also directly proportional to the weight of the bow. As a pro, you might want a relatively longer bow for target shooting objects.

Draw length

This is the distance for which the string can be drawn. It is rather preferable to have an adjustable draw length so that you can set it as convenient for you. You certainly don’t want too long or too short as they will lead to bad posture and inaccuracy among other troubles.

Speed Rating

The standard IBO speed rating is something else that you need to keep in mind. The speed, measured in FPS or feet per second, can positively impact the performance of the shooter. You are suggested to get faster bows for target shooting and hunting activities.

Draw weight

Draw weight refers to the maximum force needed to pull and keep a bow fully drawn. While greater draw weights mean faster bow, it also means more effort, physical stress, especially in adverse conditions.

Other factors

There are couple more things that you can keep in mind while you are out shopping bows. Some of these include the Let off %, brace height, and whether the bow is right-handed or left-handed. Further, check out the Cam styles, the build materials, and as well as quality. Oh, lastly, there is also the price. You might also want to check out the overall performance rating for the bow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal draw weight?

There is no singular, ideal draw weight. This variable would change from person to person, depending on his or her strength and physique. So, you’ll have to experiment and find out the draw weight you can comfortably handle.

What is the recommended speed for a bow?

On average, we’d recommend that you get a bow that can do at least 300 FPS. Note that anything below 320 FPS is considered slow. Faster bows can potentially give far better results in hunting and target shooting.

What is the difference between a bare bow and a ready – to – shoot bow?

Ready – to – shoot bows, as the name suggests, come equipped with all the necessary accessories. With bare bows, you’d have to purchase the additional accessories like arrow rest, sight, quiver, sight, etc. separately and would have to install those yourself (or with the help of a pro).


To wrap up, to find out the right bow for you from the huge crowd of bows available out there, you’ll have to check, test, and try a couple of things which we discussed above. Here is one last tip before you really start considering different bows for purchasing, have a clear idea in mind as to what purpose you will be using this bow and your own strengths and limitations. After all, having the best bow and having the bow that works for you the best are two different things. We hope that this guide helps you find your ideal compound bow. Let us know about your experience in target shooting and also if we missed something out!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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