Best Canister Vacuum Under $500 – Review in 2021

Best Canister Vacuum Under $500

LAST UPDATED: July 5th, 2021

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Who doesn’t want to reside in a clean and dust-free place? Cleaning is hard, of course,but it gets easier with a vacuum cleaner.

And a Canister vacuum cleaner gives you a clean and hygienic atmosphere and is also easy to operate.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner can be an important investment, and every household has a fixed budget for buying such a machine. And a good vacuum at an affordable price is not so easy to come across.

So, to narrow down the sprawl of offerings and ease your hunt for a winning choice, we have shortlisted some of the best canister vacuum under $500.

Why Should You Choose a Canister Vacuum?

There are five primary types of vacuum cleaners out there, each performing a slightly different function. The most famous of them are Upright vacuum cleaners and Canister vacuum cleaners.

The main reasons to buy vacuum cleaners are as follows:

Best Cleaning Tool

In modern times, vacuum cleaners are a part of almost every business and household. Nearly every facility needs vacuuming on their floors on a regular basis.

It is one of the best cleaning tools ever invented. In addition to cleaning, it also reduces the risk of getting allergies from the dust particles in the air.

Easier to Use

Canister vacuum cleaners easily maneuverable. The long wand and hose connecting to the vacuum unit creates a longer cleaning radius.

So, you don’t need much movement while cleaning. Besides, because of the wand, you able to reach places where other vacuum cleaners fail. They are also a more practical option for cleaning stairs.

Light and Powerful

They are light and more powerful than other cleaners. New technology has improved the vacuuming technique a lot. So, they are able to suck even the most obstinate dirt or debris.

Variety of Tools

The vacuum unit is where the engine, dust bag, and filter are located. In addition, they are also equipped with a variety of tools to increase their efficiency on carpets and rugs, making them very versatile.

Less Sound

Canister vacuum cleaners are way quieter than upright cleaners. This is very important for apartments, offices and of course hospitals.

10 Best Canister Vacuum Under $500

Canister Vacuum reviews

Now, as you know why you need a great canister vacuum for your home, let’s dive into the top options under $500 that we have shortlisted for you.

Miele Classic C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The first in our list comes from Miele, and you cannot avoid vacuum cleaners from Miele in any way. These vacuums are great for any household.

For people with allergies, Miele is one of the better ones to buy. This vacuum cleaner will easily cover the entire home effortlessly and quickly.

Who doesn’t like a lightweight vacuum cleaner? Nobody enjoys dragging a big tool up and down the stairs. This Classic C1 vacuum cleaner is very light — only 10 pounds.

So, it offers you maximum maneuverability both around and underneath furniture. With just one hand, you can easily control the cord and navigate the brush with little to no fuss.

This is one of the few vacuum cleaners that are really effective for both carpet and hardwood floors alike.

Beyond this, its suction power is quite precise. Sometimes, it is quite hard to reach some spaces at home. But its thin brush design can vacuum that too.

One of the most annoying things about vacuuming is the noise. This model of the canister vacuum cleaner is comparatively quieter than most.

You can also adjust the brush head according to the depth, texture, and type of flooring.

Besides being powerful and extremely effective, the Miele Classic C1 vacuum cleaner is also very much durable, making it worth the buck.

Its casing is almost indestructible, and the hose is resistant to bending and crimping, but flexible nonetheless. The canister comes off really easy for emptying the dirt.

All in all, when you really use this piece of technology, you’ll know they have really focused a lot of engineering into it.

So, if you’re looking for the best canister vacuum under $500, keep this one in your priority list.


  • Easy navigation
  • Powerful suction
  • Quieter than most cleaners
  • Very much durable
  • Easy emptying the canister


  • Potential for clogging after overuse

Kenmore 81214 Bagged Canister Vacuum

If you want a powerful brush roll for carpet cleaning tasks without losing your pocket, then this Kenmore canister vacuum probably would be a great choice.

This 200 series vacuum cleaner is effective and lightweight, making it a good choice for the household.

It has got a powerful 2 motor system creating a strong suction. The HEPA paper bags used for dust collection doesn’t leave even the tiniest speck of dust while cleaning.

It also has versatile cleaning tools such as crevice tool and dusting brushes in the board storage system.

Designed for convenience, it has adjustable height eliminating the need for slouching and bending while vacuuming.

Additionally, the automatic cord rewind will also prevent any chances of tripping. Another nice feature is the telescopic wand, which can be detached for convenient cleaning.

The Kenmore 81214 vacuum also comes with a 12-amp motor that results in an effective and powerful suction.

This machine has an uncomplicated and light design suitable for everyday use. The HEPA media bags pose no-fuss while disposing of the dust.

Its dual nozzle system, along with the on-board tools and other attachments, provide a complete home cleaning from floor to ceiling.

This bagged canister vacuum cleaner has Power Flow technology, which ensures that it won’t leave any debris or pet dander behind and will tackle any type of floor dirt with relative ease.

The 9-foot attachment reach ensures you are able to clean the floor as well as the ceiling with no problem whatsoever.

With the four size adjustments, it provides optimal airflow and cleaning efficiency for any surface.

Cheap and affordability being its top feature, this cleaner ensures satisfactory cleaning performance picking up stubborn pet hair and dust with its powerful suction.


  • 2-motor system ensures powerful suction
  • Automatic cord rewinding
  • Over 9-foot attachment reach
  • Lightweight design
  • Enhanced HEPA filter


  • No indicator lights

Miele Complete C2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele C2 canister cleaner performs great in most of our key tests, which include bare floor and pet hair on rugs.

After the tests, we can assure you that they have not compromised on the power and usability of this machine. This unit is ideal to use on different types of floors, walls, and area rugs.

Powered by a 1,200-watt Vortex motor, this canister vacuum cleaner has enough power to pick all the dirt it finds.

So, its efficiency doesn’t require you to waste time visiting the same spot again and again.

Its 33 feet cleaning radius helps you to vacuum most of your room space without moving at all. The handle is designed for ergonomic comfort, allowing you to vacuum for a longer time.

It comes with 6 different settings for suction in order to clean different types of floor surfaces. Even suitable for laminate floors, its standard floor brush head can be adjusted to clean low to high pile carpets.

The cleaner is also equipped with Parquet Floor Brush with natural and soft bristles, which delicately protects your floor from any scratch.

As for the dirtbag, it holds no less than 4.76 quarts of debris. So, when you vacuum, it cleans everything from deep pile carpets to furniture and ceiling.

The dirtbag is disposable, which is a great deal for those who don’t want to deal with messy dirt bins.

These bags also have spring seals, so the unit cannot be closed until the bag is inserted.

Moreover, the whole system comes with a HEPA filter. So, you can say goodbye to any allergic reactions in your house. More so, it also operates quietly without disturbing your peace.


  • 6-level suction settings
  • HEPA filter for maximized cleaning
  • Fully sealed system
  • Disposable dirtbags
  • Ergonomic carrying handle


  • The hose is a bit short

Miele C1 Pure Suction Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning solid surfaces and low pile carpets, the pure suction C1 vacuum cleaner from Miele will meet your basic needs.

The cleaner has many types of cleaning options, and each one of them uses the same vortex motor and filtration system. This ensures that all the dirt, dust, and debris sucked is stored until you throw them away.

Moreover, the range of tools and attachments make sure to clean every corner of the house with ease. The universal floorhead is used for all relatively smooth surfaces.

It comes with three accessories, which include a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and a crevice nozzle. The six different cleaning nodes also maximizes vacuuming efficiency.

We all know that Asthma and allergy sufferers always need clean houses and fresh air. Therefore, getting an effective cleaner is a must for those homes.

Even though this unit doesn’t use HEPA filters, but the AirClean filtration system that Miele provides is also capable of retaining those minute particles.

Instead of a dust bin to store the dirt, the Miele C1 unit uses a bagging system, which is also self-sealing.

Its bag can store up to 3.7-quart of dirt at a time. The 9-stage filtration system and the self-locking system makes sure the dirt stays inside and doesn’t leak out.

In addition, this Pure Suction cleaner has rubber wheels so that they do not scratch your hardwood floor.

The hose and cord combination allows you to be free and easy while cleaning. Its extreme lightweight of only 11 lbs. — making it easy to carry the vacuum all over the house.

This machine is both affordable and reliable at the same time as it comes from a company known for quality products.

The performance and value of the C1 Pure Suction Vacuum Cleaner are hard to beat.


  • Multi-layered filtration system
  • Six motor speed settings
  • Large cleaning radius
  • Self-sealing bagging system
  • Extremely lightweight


  • No dedicated hard floor brush

ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum

The ProTeam Vacuum is a seriously heavy-duty designed unit made for commercial purposes.

Therefore, it should be used for such broad-spectrum tasks. It has got some snazzy features that you cannot but love.

Firstly, its long 50 feet cord allows you to clean a large area without having to pull the entire thing with you.

Secondly, the large capacity of 10 quarts for storing the dirt helps you do the same without having to empty the bin again and again.

And speaking of incredible power, it packs quite a punch with 123 CFM airflow. Besides for suction, the 81 inches of water lift is nothing short of extraordinary.

It has got a cylindrical, low-profile canister design, which makes it very lightweight compared to its functionalities and size.

Coming to the most important part: its filtration system. The 4 stage HEPA filtration system cleans the air while capturing allergens and microscopic dust particles alike.

More so, the bags used to trap these are also constructed to ensure that all allergens are trapped inside without any leakage whatsoever.

Its ergonomic wand provides you with the ideal angle for vacuuming the floor with ultimate efficiency.

Another thing we like most about this commercial vacuum cleaner is that you can use it both on carpets and hard floors.

The two cleaning heads included with the unit can be switched from one to another with ease. This also works quite well on low pile carpeting too.

While being commercially usable, this ProTeam vacuum cleaner will be able to clean hardwood floors, tiles, and difficult items like air vents with absolute ease.

ProTeam has been an established name in the cleaning industry for over 25 years.

And with a great experience, they are sure to provide you with the ultimate cleaning tools.


  • A superior 4-level HEPA filtration system
  • Comes with 50 inches extension cord
  • Holds 3 times more dirt than traditional vacuum
  • Lightweight design
  • Usable for both carpet and hard floors


  • Not designed for high-pile carpets

Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team

Another Miele in our list is the C1 Turbo Team vacuum. We just cannot seem to avoid Miele in any way, as this is the most user-friendly brand of all. It has got 2-floor tools for multi-level vacuum features.

One of them is a small Parquet floorhead for smooth flooring. It has soft bristles with rubberized wheels, which helps gliding over smooth but hard surfaces.

On the other hand, the Turbo Comfort floorhead tool is more suitable for low pile carpet and area rugs.

Its air driven brush roll is spun by the suction of the vacuum rather than the motor. This way is effective on lower pile carpets.

Weighing only 12.9 lbs., this classic C1 unit is also extremely lightweight, as well as blissfully quiet. When you live in an apartment, you can easily tidy up the place without disrupting the whole household.

This German engineered vacuum cleaner makes air cleaner than it was while taking in. You can even upgrade it by adding a HEPA filter for cleaner air.

This unit will keep the dirt and dust inside its 4.76-quart capacity self-sealing dirtbag so that you don’t have to get exposed to any leakage.

The Turbo Team unit also comes with an automatic rewind power cord. You can easily rewind its cord by stepping on a switch on the back of the canister.

More so, it is very easy to carry the whole thing because of its perfectly positioned carrying handle. Its telescoping wand is also made of stainless steel for long term usage.


  • Quietest vacuum cleaner
  • Easy carrying for lightweight
  • Automatic rewind power cord
  • Has several floor surface options


  • Not suitable fit for deep pile carpets

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

This is by far the coolest looking canister that we have come across. The “Animal” justifies the name perfectly as it excels in pushing the boundaries of vacuuming at all levels.

Dyson never fails to make beautiful vacuum cleaners, and the Cinetic Big Ball Animal is no exception.

The Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum has ‘Big Ball’ canister features a Triggerhead tool.

We were also impressed by the turbine tool, which has an air-driven rotating brush.

This works excellent for picking up pet hair more easily than any other vacuum we’ve come across.

Because this turbine moves in a circular motion continuously while the vacuum is operating.

This maximizes the suction efficiency as it makes sure no hair sticks or tangles within the brush. So, you see, this canister vacuum works best on carpets too.

Cleaning the filter and replacing them regularly can be a hassle for some people.

But this ‘animal’ eliminates the need for such filter maintenance or replacement since it provides a true HEPA filtration that doesn’t need washing at all.

Another amazing feature is that you also don’t need extra bags for storing the dirt either.

The Dyson bin is easy to empty as the lever-action dumping system allows you to drop the debris without even touching it. This means you have fewer allergens in the home and cleaner air too.

As for the best canister vacuum under $500 goes, this unit is easy to handle despite having a slightly larger base.

The base turns by itself with changing directions, and the floor head’s base plate also adjusts for different floor heights and types.

Filter free and ready to roll, this model from Dyson vacuum has a large assortment of accessories and tools, including wands and other additional extensions. Being an ideal too for cleaning, it is hard to fault in Dyson’s Cinetic Big Ball.


  • Coolest looking canister vacuum
  • No filters to clean or replace
  • Easy to maneuver and move around
  • Works well on every surface
  • Very powerful suction


  • Short hose and power cord
  • Fairly loud while vacuuming

Miele Blizzard CX1 Pure Suction

By now you already know that Miele is inseparable from the vacuum cleaner industry.

They have been producing both home and commercial appliances providing superior performance and quality. Miele vacuum cleaners are aesthetically pleasing too.

Miele Blizzard CX1 Pure Suction vacuum cleaner covers the cleaning needs of all types of homes.

Especially those homes with limited carpet areas. Its features include a powerful 1200-watt motor with Vortex technology.

The air flows through it at approximately 62 miles per hour to guarantying very effective cleaning.

The Pure Suction Combination Floorhead is one of the best options for hard floors like linoleum, tile, wood, and laminate, as well as lower pile carpeting.

Its Parquet Twister floorhead perfect for hard flooring too. This Miele unit includes a rotary dial control selector to select appropriate power while vacuuming various floor types.

Its wider suction profile lets you pick a great amount of dust on a single pass. More so, the brushes are designed to collect the tiniest dust particles from any cracks or crevices.

Moving on to a bagless vacuum, this Pure Suction model’s dust compartment can be manually emptied with the help of the push-to-open mechanism.

One problem with bagless vacuums is that sometimes dust particles fly back to the house while cleaning.

But in the case of the Miele CX1, the dirt is stored in a separate compartment from the heavier debris.

As a result, while emptying, you won’t get in contact with the debris. What’s more? No more money spent on dust bags.

So, if you are up to picking the best canister within an affordable limit, the Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction canister vacuum is the one you can easily rely on.


  • Quiet operation all the time
  • Bagless and can be easily emptied
  • Rotary dial control selector
  • Canister moves easily


  • The cord is a bit short

Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team

We promise this is the last Miele vacuum in our list of 10 best canister vacuum under $500.

The Turbo Team model from Miele Compact C1 series is a smallish bagged machine that is designed for smooth flooring, area rugs, and low pile carpets.

Among dozens of canister vacuums we have tested, this is one of the easiest to maneuver.

Although not the lightest, it was quite easy to swing around and move on different surfaces.

And just as the name suggests, it was compact enough to pick up and move around the house from room to room. It was also very easy to store.

The Turbo Team comes with two floorheads with sufficient low profile to get under low furniture and beds.

One of the floorheads is the Parquet Floorhead, whose natural bristles and rubberized wheels glide over the smooth floor without a scratch.

And the Turbo Comfort floorhead has air driven brush roll, which is spun by the suction of the vacuum. This is very effective for carpets and area rugs.

Also, important to note that it does not have any motorized floorhead like a few of the previously mentioned units, so it will not perform well on deeper pile carpets.

Another great thing about this unit is the bagging system. It consists of a Miele AirClean filter system, which is a genuine Miele dust bag.

So, once vacuumed into it, no dirt or dust can escape it. Certainly, for allergy sufferers, this is a great machine.


  • Quietest vacuuming experience
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Two floorheads for various surfaces
  • Performs well on bare floors and low pile carpet


  • Doesn’t work well for medium or deep pile carpet

Electrolux EL4335B Ultra Flex

This is our last suggestion for canister vacuums under $500. Investing in a vacuum cleaner can be a smart move if it gets rid of all the dirt, dust and allergens from the house.

Electrolux has been making vacuum cleaners to that end for almost a hundred years.

The Ultra Flex EL4335B model is designed for performance, which would surpass all other cleaners.

It can clean all surface types, including bare floors and plush carpets. The three height adjustment levels let it move from one-floor type to another with just a simple push of a button.

What’s amazing about the Ultra-Flex vacuum is the cutting-edge motion control system.

It can easily twist and turn around furniture with relative ease because of a low center of gravity and larger rare wheels. Also, the FlexPro Performance System includes all the features you will ever need.

It is included with a 21-foot automatic rewind power cord adding with the 8-foot hose and telescopic wand. The length of these three adds up to a stunning 33 feet cleaning radius.

The suction power also consists of a cyclonic system that can be adjusted for various floor types. As a result, you can clean delicate materials like curtains or fabric with no problem.

Furthermore, the Brushroll Clean Technology removes tangles with a single press while the Easy-Empty Technology provides you bagless dust bin.

The built-in HEPA filter removes 99.97% of dust and allergens. So, this is possibly the best canister vacuum cleaner for anyone in the house with pets or allergies.

If you want to reach further under the furniture or the bed, its low-profile nozzle comes to the rescue.

When you’re done, a single click retracts the cord automatically — weighing only 11.6 lbs. this lightweight canister can deliver almost everything that you need.


  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Auto retractable power cord
  • Up to 33 ft cleaning range
  • 3-level height adjustment
  • Compact design for easy maneuvering
  • Easy Empty Dust Cup


  • No canister indicator
  • The power cord could be longer

Features to Look for Before Buying

The investment for buying a new vacuum cleaner depends on its best features and quality. And choosing the best machine could be a daunting task.

So, we have come up with a few important considerations to help you focus on the best cleaners out there.

Power and Suction

It’s no surprise that when buying a vacuum cleaner, first, you look at the suction capability of it.

Because that’s what vacuuming means! And the suction is dependent largely on the power of the vacuum cleaner.

For all asthma and allergy sufferers, a powerful vacuum cleaner for effective allergen removal is a must.

But how will you judge the power of a vacuum cleaner? Well, looking at the amperage it consumes could be a start. But it will inform you about how much energy it consumes rather than the actual power it has.

The power of a vacuum cleaner would mean the suction power of it. And the suction power is obtained by looking at the airflow, which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). So, the higher the CFM, the more power the vacuum has.

Weight and Maneuverability

The next consideration you should take is how much it weighs. If you have done vacuuming yourself, you already know it is not so easy as it looks from the outside.

Usually, vacuum cleaners weigh a lot and are tough to handle and move around the house.

So, a powerful yet lightweight and easily maneuverable vacuum cleaner is the one you should look for if you don’t want to get fatigued cleaning the house.

Canister vacuums are designed to be lighter than other vacuum types. They usually weigh under 15 pounds.

Supporting Accessories

You can’t get enough of support accessories when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

They come in great handy for cleaning various surface and floor types, the ceiling, the wall, and not to mention delicate things like curtains.

These accessories will also help you clean hard to reach and tight spots in the house.

The tools include combination brush and crevice tool, additional floor nozzles, an upholstery tool, and other specialized accessories for specific types of cleaning.

Brush Rolls

The type of brush roll on a vacuum cleaner determines the type of flooring it’s best suited for.

Hardwood floors and tiles as surfaces are suitable for vacuums with no brush rolls.

Because the fibers in the brush roll might scratch the finishing of the surface.

On the other hand, brush rolls agitate the fibers lifting surface level dirt along with debris at a deeper layer in carpets.

In case you have a multi-surface flooring in your house, try looking for adjustable brush rolls, so that you can turn it on or off depending on the floor type.

Filter Type

For vacuum cleaners, there are various types of filtration systems available. But you should look for the latest filtration technique available in the market.

The HEPA filter is the one to pick if you want to keep your house free from all types of minute particles, including dust and allergens.

Also, make sure that the vacuum you are buying is tightly sealed. Another necessary thing to remember for filters is its washability. Some filters are washable, making it affordable.

And other filters are more paper-like, which needs replacing every few months.

Bagged vs. Bagless

Some people fret over which canister vacuum cleaner is best: bagged or bagless? Well, the answer is both and neither.

That means both have their positives and negatives. Neither one is absolutely good.

Bagged vacuums tend to last longer as they are less likely to clog up the canister.

They are easy to dispose of since you can just through the bag away containing all the dirt.

Bagged vacuums are also more hygienic as there is almost no chance of the dirt or allergen inside to re-disperse while emptying.

On the other hand, bagless vacuums cost less, and you don’t have to worry about spending money every few months to buy new bags.

They are also quite easy to empty while bags are tricky to retrieve sometimes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a full bag will affect the vacuum’s suction power. The bagless unit doesn’t pose this problem.

Noise Reduction

Noise is one of the drawbacks of using a vacuum cleaner. Nobody likes the feeling of pulling a jet engine around the house while cleaning. The more powerful the vacuum is, the more sound it will produce.

Still, the ones we have suggested in this article make the least sound. But if you want to choose for yourself, better look for vacuum cleaners within the 60-65 decibel range. This will be quiet enough to handle all your cleaning activities with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I vacuum?

We don’t need to tell you about the importance of keeping your house clean and dust-free.

You know better how long you can go without vacuuming. But high traffic areas inside the house needs vacuuming at least three to four times a week.

To clean the space, how many times do I run the vacuum?

For highly soiled carpet, a sufficiently powerful vacuum can use seven strokes on average to clean it. However, the number will vary according to the spot.

How often should I change the vacuum cleaner bag?

It depends on how much your house gets dirty. Pets and smaller bag capacity, among others, result in filling the bag early.

Usually, vacuum cleaners come with an indicator for changing the bag or emptying the bin. But we recommend you check it once in a while and change it when three-quarters of it carefully.

How often should I change the filter on my vacuum?

The filter doesn’t need to be changed as often as the bag. Furthermore, the HEPA filters remove most of the dirt and trap allergens. They should be changed once every six months or so.

But if you notice the filter to be dirty or if it shows signs of wear, then it is time to change.

What should I do if my vacuum cleaner isn’t picking up dirt?

Giving it a full inspection is the first thing to do. Turn the machine, unplug it. Then check the power cord if it is torn, check for broken belt or problems in the roller brush.

There might be a blockage, or the bag might be full, in which case the vacuum doesn’t work as efficiently as it should.

But if everything seems okay but still the machine doesn’t work, it’s time to take it to a repair shop.

Final Words

When you have a tight budget, but your family’s health is at stake, the best canister vacuum under $500 will save not only the day but a few years.

Keep in mind the criteria and factors of a good canister vacuum and have fun cleaning.

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