Best 224 Valkyrie Upper Review in 2021 – New Guide

Best 224 Valkyrie Upper

LAST UPDATED: August 4th, 2021

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Don’t you think you need a Valkyrie upper to complement your elegant looking rifle?

Those of you who are an avid collector of AR rifles or firearms, in general, know the importance of owning a fully functional upper receiver.

Across the globe, tools that offer both top of the line execution and unrivaled potential at long distances hold utmost priority.

Ever heard of exceptional performance with a remarkable flat trajectory technique, which exhibits unmitigated power with supreme qualities?

Well then, this article will provide you with just that and the best 224 Valkyrie upper available in the market that is assembled at your behest.

With the objective of bringing forth the perfect option as well as further increase the performance capabilities of your weapon, this article will assist you in making an ideal purchase.

Best 224 Valkyrie Upper Review

Due to the increased popularity of the .224 upper, there are plenty of options available.

However, to spare you the trouble and ensure you with the best possible choice, we have brought down the list to the top 4 Valkyrie upper in the market.


The concept of converting your ordinary AR-15 rifle with an exclusive .224 Valkyrie upper is every man’s dream come true.

If you are a beginner in the world of remarkable firearms, then this cartridge is an addition that no one can refuse.

This specific cartridge by the Cross Machine Tool Co. deserves a standing ovation for its extraordinary attributes. Besides, the range of features is endless and possesses an unmatched standard.

From the many attributes showcased in the cartridge, the 15-inch HDX Mod rail system, along with 4 M-LOK handguard, allows the user to experience utmost protection and proper performance.

Usually, after prolonged utilization of firearms, the barrel can overheat, and you may be susceptible to being burned or endure injuries.

However, these high-end parts ensure your safety at all times by maintaining a safe distance from the scorching area.

We all know what a barrel is; from beginners to pros, everyone knows the importance of this major component.

The upper receiver tends to be quite futile without the barrel. Regarding this .224 Valkyrie upper, the barrel incorporates the use of 416R stainless steel.

With stainless steel, you obtain excellent durability through the corrosion-resistant property as well as increased strength in overall performance.

On top of that, stainless steel exhibits resistance to temperature change and abrasion.

Moreover, to ensure absolute precision and accuracy, the barrel has been air gauged to +/– .0002-inch, which means the set requirements assigned to the device are evaluated with utter preciseness.

The most important inclusion to the barrel of the equipment is the muzzle brake, which makes sure that your scope remains in position, and you do not miss your target at any cost. It also helps you monitor impacts to ensure further stability.

As far as the BCG (Bolt Carrier Group) is concerned, the upper receiver maintains top-class Cross Machine Tool Bolt Carrier.

This part of this particular .224 Valkyrie upper comprises of several components including, firing pin, cam pin, and extractor. Besides, this mechanism ensures smooth and proper reloading and ejecting method.


  • Air gauged to +/– .0002-inch
  • CMT Bolt Carrier Group
  • 15-inch HDX Mod and 4 M-LOK handguard
  • Muzzle brake included in the barrel
  • Negligible recoil
  • Ensures proper protection


  • Expensive
  • Bulky equipment

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Radical Firearms Rf Complete Upper Cfu22-224val 15mhr .224 Valkyrie 22.”

The best rated 224 Valkyrie upper allows you to yield better performance from your AR-15 or any rifle lying idly at your home.

Without a doubt, practicing target shooting will be a piece of cake once you decide to purchase this particular tool.

The upper receiver consists of many important parts including, barrel, bolt carrier group, charging handle, forward assist, rail system, handguard, and ejection port cover.

In the case of this exclusive product, you will find extraordinary attributes, which will adorn your firearm.

When it comes to the barrel of this specific model, rest assured, you no longer need to worry about striking bull’s eye. Since, the barrel ensures accurate execution no matter the distance.

With the length of 22-inch, this barrel can preferably provide you with faster operation and potentially more accurate aiming capability.

The material used for the construction of this barrel is 416R stainless steel, which makes certain your firearm is rustproof, and it exhibits long-lasting ability.

Also, the handguard is free to float type with the style of M-Lok Hybrid Rail and features a length of 15-inch.

The free float attribute maintains a safe distance between the handguard and the barrel.

This factor results in better accuracy and precision. Besides, the Modular Lock Hybrid firearm rail interface also makes sure that after extensive usage, the overheated weapon does not harm you in any way.

The included Bolt Carrier Group flaunts a nitride finish, which ensures increased strength with a smooth and sleek appearance.

Moreover, a vital aspect of the nitride usage is it resists corrosion and rusting to a grleat extent.

Furthermore, using nitride in the BCG also ensures resistance to extreme wear and tear.

As far as Bolt Carrier Groups are concerned, no other manufacturer company can offer such potential.

With a twist ratio of 1:7, this one, in particular, can virtually shoot anything. The material used in the upper receiver is Forged 7075 T6 with a style and finish of M4 Mil-Std and Type III Anodizing.

Forged 7075 T6 is a type of aluminum alloy that exhibits exceptional elasticity and offers high tensile strength.

All the components used are of high quality and delivers superior performance no matter what.

If you decide to purchase this particular option, rest assured, you will never have any complaints whatsoever.


  • Bolt carrier group offers durability
  • Made of 416R Stainless Steel
  • The handguard is a free-float type
  • Forged 7075 T6 is the material used in the upper receiver
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Demonstrates accurate aim


  • Heavier than usual
  • Nitride cost more than Phosphate

Cmmg, Inc Cmmg Upper Receiver Mk4 Dtr .224 Valkyrie 24.”

How will you ever manage to buy the best 224 valkyries upper for the money? It seems like a nightmare to find the best among the swarm of products available. However, this particular upper receiver may satisfy all your needs.

Unlike most extravagant and expensive equipment, this one in specific is a budget-friendly option with numerous beneficial attributes added to it.

This factor includes all the necessary qualities required for an upper receiver to function outstandingly.

For starters, the barrel must hoard proper abilities to exhibit premium performance.

It turns out, the barrel in question consists of material known as 416 Stainless Steel. With stainless steel, you never have to compromise on durability and longevity.

Moreover, the material maintains a strong and sturdy execution in general. Resistance to impact, corrosion, and temperature change are among the many advantageous features of stainless steel.

Subsequently, the barrel length is about 24-inch, which sustains a lighter operation along with increased accuracy and precision. In case you are an avid hunter, this length is perfect for you.

Furthermore, the barrel twist is 1:7, which suggests you will be able to shoot your target more accurately.

Overall, the barrel displays extraordinary performance and showcases the best of this particular upper receiver.

As far as recoil abilities are concerned, this .224 Valkyrie upper provides the utmost accuracy with minimized recoil. That means you can make every shot count.

Additionally, with the inclusion of forwarding assist, shell detector, and micro gas block, this specific upper receiver holds every significant aspect to provide superior power.

The included handguard is also a free-float mount that ensures no contact with the barrel.

It exhibits a ‘floating’ situation that allows the user to shoot with greater accuracy.

Over and above that, the M-lok rail system guarantees you utmost protection by keeping you far away from the overheated Valkyrie rifle after extended usage.


  • A robust M-lok rail system
  • 1:7 barrel twist
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Reduced recoil
  • Both durable and effective
  • Utmost protection assurance


  • Not easy to install
  • Flimsy construction

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Radical Firearms 22in 224 Valkyrie Complete Upper Assembly

In case you are searching for the best 224 Valkyrie complete upper, you have come to the right place.

Not only does this upper receiver provide you with quality par excellence along with prevailing performance, but it also delivers you a complete assembly that no other manufacturer company will offer.

To put it simply, if you decide to purchase this product, you will no longer need additional equipment because this upper receiver has it all with the additional features that you just cannot say no to.

Let us cut to the chase, the included barrel in the Valkyrie upper is magnificent.

The material used in the manufacture of the barrel is 416R Stainless Steel. As it turns out, stainless steel consists of many astounding qualities.

The qualities include resistance to corrosion, increased strength, and strong aptitude. Additional attributes include resistance to temperature change and abrasion.

The barrel also exhibits 1:7 twist ratios, which ensures you obtain top-notch accuracy regardless of the distance of your target.

We all know what a 22-inch barrel means; a shorter barrel length results in greater stiffness, which in turn increases the accuracy of your shots.

You can say, this product has everything that you can ever wish for in an upper receiver to make your shots count.

From accuracy to strength, every aspect is molded to perfection just for you.

When it comes to safety measures, the maker assures you of proper protection by including a 15-inch rail system with Modular Lock.

In other words, you will not worry about your firearm overheating and causing harm to your body in any way.

Moreover, the Custom Stainless Pepper Pot Brake provides the user with reduced recoil.

As far as reduced recoil is concerned, you can shoot your rifle more accurately due to the enhanced steady approach.

If accuracy and precision are your main concerns, then you can rest assured as this particular .224 upper offers a great deal of satisfaction in this criterion.It turns out; the product also gives you a bang for your buck!

Also, the included stainless gas carbine system, along with the micro gas block, allows the user to obtain the complete potential of the upper receiver in question without any hassle whatsoever.


  • Can be very precise and accurate
  • Durable construction material
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Resistant to rust
  • Exhibits reduced recoil
  • Rustproof


  • Lacks on velocity
  • A little loose after installation

Things to Consider Before Buying

More and more people are opting for Valkyrie upper since it demonstrates exceptional performance with numerous features.

Considering the availability of the upper receiver in the market, one must exhibit caution before the purchase.

In general, you must entertain the idea of understanding the important aspects before you make the buy-in.

Material Used

Make certain that the materials used in your desired product are of high grade, which indicates exceptional durability and longevity.

Above all, you must not get an upper receiver that is susceptible to rusting that would result in reduced durability.

Moreover, increased strength and abrasion resistance qualities must be sought out to ensure robust performance.



Before anything else, you must ensure the potency of the barrel you are about to purchase.

Predominantly, make sure your barrel is capable of handling state-of-the-art execution.

The barrel determines the accuracy and precision at which your shots are fired.

Twist ratio, what does it mean for the barrel? In simple terms, the bullet spins in one full revolution adjacent through the length of inches of the barrel.

It could slow down or speed up the projectile as well as stabilize your weapon.

In that case, it falls upon you to decide the type of barrel you need and which one will benefit you the most.

Proper Protection

It does not matter if you are a varmint hunter or a competitive shooter, because you will be prone to injuries nonetheless.

Having said that, before you make the purchase, you must ensure your upper receiver consists of a proper rail system and handguard.

Overheating of the barrel is one of the most common phenomena, and with adequate protection, henceforward, you will be safe from sustaining injuries or burning.


Let’s shed some light on an important concept; building your own rifle can cost you a fortune.

However, with proper research and garnering adequate knowledge, you can save a lot of money and build an exceptional firearm.

Most importantly, you must understand the correlation between the features of a product and the amount of money you have to spend on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a complete upper receiver?

In a complete upper receiver, you will find a rail system, handguard, BCG, muzzle, sights, charging handle, barrel, forward assist, and gas system.

What is included in a complete upper receiver

Can I mix and match parts?

Unfortunately, you cannot, since the length of the components in an upper receiver is different and if equipped with different components, it would result in a loose-fitting.

What is an optimal barrel twist ratio?

The optimal twist ratio will be 1:7, considering the range of options available, which not only ensures utmost accuracy during shooting, but it also provides remarkable stability.

Is 7075 aluminum stronger than steel?

Yes, in terms of strength, the 7075 aluminum alloy hoards greater strength than steel with additional features of increased flexibility and toughness.

What does barrel twist mean?

The barrel twist refers to the speed of spin in the rifle barrel. Basically, the rifle is going to put some twist on the bullet, so when it leaves a barrel, it is going to stabilize the bullet as it flies through the air.

Final Words

Finally, we are at the endgame now. For your utter convenience, this article offers a great deal of information and knowledge when it comes to the upper receiver.So far, you must be well versed in all the facts and features.

Owning an ideal upper receiver is essential, and this article aids you in finding the 224 valkyries upper available for you. It is time to decide!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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